There are several types of coats in Weimaraners. Unfortunately the only coat type that is allowed in America is the shorthair gray coat.
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A distinctive and beautiful gun metal charcoal blue coat color is the only thing that distinguishes a Blue Weimaraner from a Gray. The coat color is a disqualifying fault in the American standard, however, the Blue Weimaraner is recognized as a pure-bred by AKC. America is one of the few countries that considers the blue coat a disqualification.



  Longhairs have a soft feathery coat. The long coat is a disqualifying fault in the American standard, however, like the Blue Weimaraner, it is recognized as a pure-bred by AKC. America is one of the few countries that considers the long coat a disqualification. FCI lists them as a variety of the breed, not a separate breed.




  Stockhaar is slightly longer than the short-haired variety and MUCH thicker. There is no way these dogs could be considered wirehaired. From a distance, they look shorthaired but are  now registered as longhaired. German breeders have observed that the Stockhaar coat appears most frequently in litters from longhair-to-shorthair matings.  


(Slovenský hrubosrstý Stavac)

The breed is a relatively recent one (believed to be developed in the 1970's). There was an effort by some to have them recognized as Wirehaired Weims however the German Klub did not agree to do so. One man is largely responsible for the development of this breed. He is said to have crossed Weims with Drahthaars  (GWP's) and Cesky Fouseks (the Czech wirehaired pointer, much like a griffon). The dogs are said to be excellent all-round hunters. Some are quite grey like a Weim others have some roan patches. Temperament, said to be very Weim-like.  For the most part the breed is confined to Slovakia and the Czech  republic. The largest group of them outside these countries is in  France. Are there any in the states? Not aware of any. Apparently there is an unwritten rule among most breeders that they will not place dogs with "outsiders". The French have only been successful in convincing one breeder to place some pups with them.



The myth of the Wirehaired Weimaraner seems destined to last forever. Yes, NAVHDA once listed a wirehaired Weimaraner - but never registered any. (Since they don't exist of course). The Wirehaired Weimaraner disappeared from the NAVHDA registry the same time as the longhaired Weimaraner. Another myth is that somebody knows somebody who has heard that they exist in Germany. This has been discussed with many German breeders, Wirehaired Weimaraners are a myth.



Slovenský hrubosrstý stavač
(Slovenský hrubosrstý ohař)