Emma's Adventures In Alaska

The Photo Gallery

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bathday.jpg (52295 bytes) Even in Alaska, Emma can't escape bath day.
beachcomber.jpg (34805 bytes) The beachcomber, looking for more treasures for the shrine.
beachromp.jpg (32199 bytes) Romping on the beach.  The nearest other human is about 15 miles away
bearbkgrd.jpg (60016 bytes) How's this for clueless? A three-year old Alaska brown bear, with Emma in the foreground.
bkgdMtFairweather.jpg (65733 bytes) Emma with 15,300-foot Mt Fairweather in background.
boatdog.jpg (44892 bytes) Captain Emma, waiting to cast off.
cabinfever.jpg (46494 bytes) This is what Cabin Fever looks like.
dawnMtFairweather.jpg (29541 bytes) Dawn in Alaska.  A beautiful sunrise with Mt Fairweather in the background.
elupine.jpg (67477 bytes) Emma sure likes those flowers.
elupine2.jpg (66045 bytes)
flap.jpg (65330 bytes) Maybe if she flaps harder, she wont sink.
igotoo.jpg (53499 bytes) I go too?
joyride.jpg (65893 bytes) Emma, Teen , and Tanis out for a joyride.
ksalmonAkweRiv.jpg (57854 bytes) Master Commercial Fisherdog Emma with her assistant, Bob Miller, and some fine salmon.
moonrise.jpg (34800 bytes) Moonrise on a darkless summer night.
naptime.jpg (50635 bytes) Naptime.
pathetic.jpg (44683 bytes) What a pathetic look. How can anyone resist?
puddle.jpg (51186 bytes) In Seattle, Emma used to go around puddles, looks like she's over that.
raingear.jpg (69484 bytes) Emma and the rest of the Miller clan in their  rain gear.  TrJs chic.
rainyday.jpg (25412 bytes) Another rainy day.  All that great mud out there, and I'm stuck in here.
rdmaintinance.jpg (74718 bytes) Doing road maintenance along the highway.
salmon1.jpg (52946 bytes) A few salmon in our little river. The crystal clear Italio is home to all five species of Pacific salmon in addition to a variety of trout and char.
salmon2.jpg (67766 bytes)
seattlehome.jpg (54961 bytes) At home in Seattle, before leaving for Alaska.
spam.jpg (74741 bytes) Emma sleeping with the SPAM.
stealthdog.jpg (77067 bytes) Camouflage. or Stealth Dog.
stinkythng.jpg (59914 bytes) Proud pup, a dead and stinky find.
stress.jpg (54186 bytes) Life as a commercial fishing dog is so STRESSFUL!
sunset.jpg (43691 bytes) A hazy sunset with a faint Mt St Elias, 18,008 feet tall.
 *(note its barely visible on the original)
treasures.jpg (98340 bytes) Emma's treasure collection grows.
vampire.jpg (53335 bytes) Vampire dog sucking the life out of her bear.
vampire2.jpg (61895 bytes)
withbullhead.jpg (47834 bytes) Emma catches a bullhead.
yakutat,bch.jpg (40418 bytes) On the beach 25 miles southeast of Yakutat, Alaska.