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The Versatile Weimaraner

A breed developed to fulfill all needs of the German hunter -- the Weimaraner is best known for its versatility. Centuries of selective breeding have cultivated aptitudes for pointing, retrieving, and tracking of both feathered and furred game. Known as "The Forester's Dog," the Weimaraner is the constant companion of the professional German forester, who must control predatory animals, bring poachers to justice, track wounded game, and regulate all aspects of game management. After sharing these tasks all day, the forester's dog joins home and hearth all evening.

Because of centuries of close bonding, the Weimaraner has become dependent on human companionship. This is a breed that thrives best as a household companion, sharing all family activities; this is not a breed to leave in a kennel until time to go hunting.

The Weimaraner's captivating personality, long life, and intense devotion to humans is the source of its special appeal as a companion for owners with no interest in hunting. For hunters, the hours of shared anticipation are as important as the activities afield.


A Short History of the Weimaraner

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